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Building Tooling To Your Specification

APC Toolplas Limited is a custom plastic tool making and injection molding company in Dongguan, China dedicated to providing quality services. APC's experienced designers and engineers bring customer products from concept to completion.

Specializing in build tools for the precision plastic components and difficult-to-process engineering resins, metal replacement.
Full service mold shop with an on-site tool room, automation lab and rapid prototyping.

Expert mold designers – multi-action, hot-runner, 3-plate, 2 shot, over-mold, and insert molds.


Designers and Engineers on R&D


24/7 Manufacturing on Molding


Industries Served

Electronics Field

We have developed strong relationships with a number of electronics manufacturers, working primarily on higher-value products and parts, such as Flex, Phillips and TE, etc.
Manufacturing examples:
- Security cameras
- Measuring instruments
- Electrical housings
- Temperature control units

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Electronics Field
Industrial Field

Industrial Field

We have a wealth of experience supplying to the industrial sector.
As a high volume industry, price is critically important and our modern production facility and lean manufacturing techniques ensure that we are able to meet and maintain our customer's strict requirements.

Successfully supply stable series gears, inner case and the outer case for industrial. We have been working with customers from North America and Europe and are quite familiar with DME and Hasco standards.

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Automotive Field

With our expertise in the design and development of precise plastic products.
We are supplying molding, tooling and chrome planting. During the last few years, we have produced 35% of the plastic injection molds for the interior and exterior trim from small to medium size.
Manufacturing examples:
- Ventilator grille LH+RH
- Cup holder
- Cigar lighter
- Fresh and recirculation switch
- Hazard warning flasher switch

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Automotive Field
Part Gallary

We are proud of our customer focused ‘just in time’ approach to manufacturing and we have developed an excellent reputation through our efficient work practices and continuous improvement programs to preserve value and improve overall satisfaction for our customers.

Tool Building

Manufacturing capacity: Tool weight≤10T, capable of making products with tolerance ±0.002mm. Experienced with over mold, 2K mold, co-injection, insert mold, and molds with high polish, tight tolerance, gas-injection and overmolding (2K tool), and precision machining on the custom steel parts.

Medical Dropper

December 12.24

One new medical dropper mold just finished the trial

Packaging Upgraded

July 07.06

To provide a better service to our customers, APC upgraded the packaging, and all molds are delivered to customers in vacuum packaging to avoid rust.

Rearview Mirror Bezel Mold

March 03.15

A precision mold for rearview mirror Bezel gets ready for a German customer, and the customer is satisfied with APC's service.